Monday, May 24, 2010

New Things I done This Week....May 17-21

Hello Everyone, just wanted to share with you'll the new projects that I have completed this week of May....I worked on two things, the first was a rasta color maxi dress for a customer it took me four days to complete it....the next project was a yellow with brown accent bathing suit that took me a day to complete...each customer was very happy with their product...annd I enjoy make each and every one of is the picture of the finished products:


  1. Four days!!!??? Are you crocheting full time? Do you draft out the patterns on paper or do they come straight out of your brain through your hands to the hook and then the yarn?

  2. I work five days a week...I can crochet and pretty much do anything watch tv, read, it depends...:) I have been trying to write down my patterns but that takes more time then me crocheting. but I am still working at mom gave me the idea to tape record as I work on the project and go back and type it out...i am going to try that...All of my designs come out of my head and to the